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The Violet Flame is an amazing process for the transmutation of negative energies back into the pure source energy. This is a truly powerful process for those who wish to make a difference in their lives and the world. This is a way to work the Ascended Masters, those beings who are wholly Divine who have ascended beyond the mundane rules and illusions of this physical reality. They have lived human lives (sometimes several lives).

There are many Ascended Masters. They are all equal to each other just as we are. There is no hierarchy among the Ascended Masters . . . they all have their own unique gifts to help us all to better understand Spirit. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Mother Mary are just a few of the Ascended Masters who have experienced the physical form on this planet to help all of us remember who we really are.

The use of the Violet Flame in your life will be personally transformational. The Violet Flame has the ability to release old habits and addictions. It can transform personal and business relationships and release them completely if they are not for your highest good. It can also churn up old emotional pains to be acknowledged then transformed and released. The Violet Flame is for those wishing to accelerate their spiritual growth. When you use the Violet Flame, please use it on yourself first. We are changing the world from the inside out.

Have fun! Life is too serious at times and we tend to forget the fact that this world is truly a magnificent place to experience love, laughter and light. Joy is the absolute highest vibration on this planet Earth! Play is essential. Love is our essence. Joy, play, and love together can transform life into a wonderful experience. The world is a very safe place and we are all provided for abundantly from Spirit. It is only our belief in the illusion that creates undesired experiences. Use of the Violet Flame will help release yor from the illusions of your life and the illusions around you.

Saint Germain ImageThe man responsible for bringing the awareness of the Violet Consuming Flame to the general human population is Saint Germain. Saint Germain is an Ascended Master who is helping govern planet Earth from the other side of the veil. He is the authority of the Violet Ray - the purifying, cleansing power that is helping raise the Earth into its permanent Golden Age. One aspect of this ray is the Violet Flame.

Saint Germain was known as the Wonderman of Europe. His actual birth date and time of passing are unknown, but he is referred to by kings, queens and many other nobles throughout Europe during the 18th century. Authentic records of the time describe him as having the appearance of a forty year old man for over 200 years. Fantastic? Well . . . it's all documented.

Saint Germain spoke of America as the "Jewel of My Heart." His work and efforts concerning the creation and some of the sustaining forces of the United States of America has been and still is his passion. He is working constantly to bring about stability in America's activities so that America may "hold the Cup of Light from which the rest of the world will drink."

Saint Germain was responsible for bringing to the awareness of the human masses the gift of the sacred knowledge of the Violet Consuming Flame. It is with his help and Angels of the Violet Flame that we can have a profound and transmuttative effect on ourselfes and the world today.

In the simplest terms, the Violet Flame is an energy given to humankind that has the ability to transmute negative energies back into the sourse energy of pure LOVE. When invoked, those of you who are clairvoyant might even see this energy as it is described - as a brilliantly burning violet fire. With the Violet Flame, negative and lower energies can be released or dissolved with one powerful swoop. It is an amazing tool for self transformation as well as to help release the world from the negativity that has been thrust upon it. It will work miracles in your life if you work with it.

The best way to really get a handle on the Violet Flame is to start using it immediately. Here are seven easy steps for working with the Violet Flame.

Begin with a prayer. It's always best, when working with the angels, archangles, and ascended masters, to begin with a simple prayer. Pause a moment to get centered. Take a few deep breaths. Ask your angels, guides, and all other beings of the highest love, light and integrity to be with you here and now. (They are always here with us. It just helps us to connect with them better when we call on them.) Use whatever prayer feels comfortable to you or make one up to ask them to be with you and help with this exercise.

Call in protection. You will need to ask the angels to help protect you from anything that might be interested in the light you will be invoking. This is where we can call on the Archangel Michael for protection. He's the best at protecting people who are doing any kind of energy work.

Invoke the Violet Flame. There are many ways to invoke the Violet Flame. The easiest way is probably to ask Saint Germain and the Angels of the Violet Flame to be here and now. Then ask them to fill your aura and immediate surroundings with the Violet Flame. The energy may feel unusual at first but go with it. It it gets too intense, ask them to reduce the power. Don't worry if you can't feel it right away. If it just doesn't seem to be happening, just pretend that it is. Pretending opens up the energy to flow without the mind getting in the way.

Visualize the Violet Flame. I have included several visual aids for you to help you visualize the Violet Flame. You can use them to visualize the Violet Flame when doing this exercise or invoking the Violet Flame. Visually place yourself within the Violet Flame. Don't worry - it's won't burn you, but it will feel interesting. Visualization is a very important step in doing any kind of manifestation work.

Work on yourself first. Always start from the inside out. That means use the Violet Flame on yourself first, from the innermost part of your being to the outer edges of your aura. You can go from your feet to your head or from your head to your feet. Just be certain you get every cell in your body filled with the Violet Flame. Visualize it in every cell of your body as if every nucleus was a violet fireball expanding outward. Then expand it into every part of your being. The more focused your visualization is, the more you will feel the results. You may not feel it right away, but with practice and focused attention you will begin to see results in your internal and external life.

Saint Germain and World ImageExpand the Violet Flame. Once you have expanded the Violet Flame through your entire body, expand it outward or direct it at something you would like to help transmute into positive energy. This could be anything from your home, your work, your city, state, or your country. Violet Flame as many places that you can think of that need help and the transmutation of negative energies. Violet Flame any place that needs it. Violet Flame all the decision makers in all the countries all over the world. Violet Flame the entire world. You can even Violet Flame the entire universe! There are no limits to what you can Violet Flame.

Close the session with a prayer. After a little while, close the session with a prayer of gratitude. As always, it's good to thank the beings who have assisted you. Thank them sincerely and honor them for the help they have given and will give you in the future. Your thanks to them is important, not so much for them as it is for you. It helps us stay in a place of gratitide and acceptance of their help. This receptive place will bring more help to you and help your desires come into the physical much quicker.

Don't spend too much time at first in the energy of the Violet Flame. It can be a lot of energy and will probably overwhelm you if you do too much energy work or are very sensitive to energy work. Drink lots of water. Eat very nutritious food. Refrain from watching negative media. Sleep if tired. Ask your angels for help. A usual session may take only a few minutes. Once you get more practiced at it and familiar with the energy of the Violet Flame, sessions can last longer. But keep your Violet Flame sessions to under seven minutes in the beginning.

Violet Flame Decrees

Another way to use the Violet Flame is to say decrees. Decrees are affirmative statements spoken in present tense usually calling to action cosmic forces to help you in whatever situation you may find yourself in. Violet Flame decrees bring the Violet Flame right to you, through you, and out into the world very, very quickly. These decrees are for those of you who want to get right to it.

Violet Flame Invocation
I AM a being of the Violet Fire.
I AM the purity GOD desires!

Use this one to call in protection for yourself before doing any kind of energy work or any time you feel a bit unnerved by the surrounding situation. It is also good for purifying your intentions before doing any type of healing or intuitive work. Those of you who constantly do energy work or hands on healing will really benefit from this decree. It's simple, easy to remember and takes only a few seconds to say before a session.

I AM the Violet Flame
I AM the Violet Flame
    In action in me now.
I AM the Violet Flame
    To GOD's light alone I bow.
I AM the Violet Flame
    In mighty cosmic power.
I AM the light of GOD
    Shining every hour.
I AM the Violet Flame
    Blazing like a sun.
I AM GOD's sacred power
    Freeing every one.

This one is very easy to remember. Use it whenever the mood strikes you to use it. It's a great all purpose decree that will instantly tune you into the Violet Flame energy. It also helps to align us with the power of GOD which flows through each and every one of us. Use this one as much as you like.

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