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Isabella's Castle

Welcome to my humble home. Please come in where it is warmer and safe. Do be careful of the bats, vampires and other er, . . . visitors. It has been a very long time since anyone visited and you are so warm and delicious . . . er, welcome . . . It is such a pleasure to meet you.  Please come in and stay a while.  You have nothing to fear.  Midnight, the black cat, and I will accompany you as you tour the castle before entering the catacombs.  I do understand that is your chosen destination. Enter at your own risk . . .

Please remember to visit the catacomb captives and leave them much needed staples.  The catacomb cells are dark, damp, dreary, and lonely.  They so appreciate visitors.

Please follow me . . .

Midnight, The Castle Cat

WWAUS Halloween 2006 Stamp


Isabella's Castle
is hosted by
Elysium Gates

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Just a small bat.  He won't harm you . . .