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Bonnie, you are a bright and shining star
and you will always remain in our hearts
for all to love and remember.

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My Light of Hope

There's a light that shines through the
darkness and it sheds its light on me;
When I feel surrounded by fear and
doubts God's light brings comfort to me.
Though this whole world is filled with
turmoil so much evil to be found;
I can trust in God and know that
I can stand on solid ground.
He is my hope and through the darkness
I can see His wall of protection all around me.
I can know that I am safe for He fills
my heart with His peace and tranquility.

Oh how blest I am to have His hand upon me;
That I have His love and assurance
and can dwell in peace and security.
My hope is in my Lord and Savior
who is the rock to which I cling;
He is Lord of all this earth and He
is in control of everything.
When others' hearts are failing through
fear and great distress.....
I can feel His loving arms around me
and know that in Him I have found
perfect peace and rest!
One day the darkness will be lifted I'll
look up and see Him in clouds of glory;
He will reach out and beckon to me and in
the twinkling of an eye with Him forever
I shall be!

~Helen Johnson~

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Into God's Arms

Not wanting death to come to those we love-
Yet wanting them to be with God above.
Knowing only He can take away their pain-
But there is so much grief that remains.

Tis hard to let them slip into God's Arms-
But fear not, He'll first do no harm.
Into God's arms, it's peace they shall find-
He heals the pain and comforts the mind.

Letting one go will hurt for a bit,
But know to God their soul they did commit.
With this knowledge He will grant us our peace-
And in time we will find grief's release.

The sadness that comes with the death of those we love-
Will fade away, when again we see them in Heaven above.
Pure of mind and body they shall once again be-
So when my turn comes, please don't worry about me.

Because in God's arms is where I will slip-
And I know He'll have an everlasting grip.
Into God's arms, it's peace I shall find-
He'll heal my pain and comfort my mind.

2004 Candice Martin

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Remember Me

Remember me with laughter and not with grieving tears.
Remember me with happiness when you look back on the years.
Remember me with loving thoughts that showed me how you cared.
Remember me with memories of the talks we shared.
Remember me when you are lonely and feel you need a friend.
Remember me forever and my life will never end.
Keep alive my memory and we'll never have to part.
For when you feel you need me I'll be there inside your heart

Nina Stephanie

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Remember The Laughter

We cry when those we love are gone
Remembering their place in our days
Oh how we'll miss their love and bright smiles
Their warm and considerate ways

Yet we smile when we remember the laughter
That caught us often unawares
That shared and glorious laughter
Often through grateful tears.

I'm sure even yet they're looking down
Encouraging a laugh or smile
Enjoying our mirth at a silly joke
Laughing with us all the while

We value the friends who hold our hands
And the ones who inspire us to pray
But Oh, those friends who make us laugh
And brighten up our days!!

When all the world seemed dark to us
A giggle would light a spark
Spreading soon to heartfelt laughter
Illuminating well the dark.

Those who have gone before us
See our frustration and pain
If we could hear their voices
I think this is what they would say....

"Remember us well dear Sisters
Shed the tears that must come
But most of all, remember the laughter
The days and times of fun.

For it is often there we found healing
Or the strength to carry on
And when you laugh, listen to the wind
We'll be laughing along."

Cheri' C. Carlson
written for my Sisters of choice, of heart and of eternity.
Dedicated to "Peaches", who taught us that
laughter is the medicine we need to survive
life and that shared laughter bonds the hearts.

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Peaches, our dear WWAUS Sister, left us at 6:15 am on May 12, 2005. She had been struggling with brain tumors along with other complications. Peaches . . . She was a bright star in WWAUS and always encouraged and loved each of us. We shared laughter, tears, and troubles. Peaches was always there sending hugs, silly string, water balloons, and chocolate! These are some of the things we will all remember about our sweet Sissy. Yet, she wants us to continue with all the activities she encouraged and in which she participated. We miss Peaches, but we should celebrate her life by sending laughter, song, love, and hugs to all those we care for and people we have yet to meet. Thank you, God, for introducing me to Peaches.

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