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We are strong,
We are family,
We are Women With A Unique Soul!

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We Are Women With A Unique Soul:

We believe that all women are different in many ways yet alike in many others.

We believe that women have thoughts, ideas and opinions that can make a difference in other women's lives.

We believe that we can work together to offer comfort, support, laughter and encouragement to women in all walks of life.

We believe that we can celebrate the creativity and imagination we have been blessed with by sharing it with others.

We Are Women With A Unique Soul:

We are thoughtful, playful, open and honest, supportive and a blend of sensuality and human kindness.

We are learning from each new day of life.

We are strong and we are united!

Written by Dianna Petry - All Rights Reserved

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We are the ladies that form Women With A Unique Soul,
A family that has come together by choice.
One of the most important things that we share,
Is our belief that we should all have a voice.

We have agreed that it's okay to disagree,
We have a diverse group of thoughts here.
That is what makes life together interesting,
Sharing the world and our wisdom without fear.

Life holds challenges for us, such as laws that are passed,
Some things make us reflect on what holds us together.
No matter what side of the fence you find yourself on,
We are here for each other thru all kinds of weather.

As a young child you might have had fights with a sibling,
Five minutes later you were laughing happily once more.
Minor bumps happen on the road as we travel through life,
Open arms are always waiting right here at this door.

I offer each one of you a hug right here today,
For each of you are special and unique in your own way.
We might walk along different paths or take a different road,
But we all reach the same destination someday.

Love to you,

WWAUS Sissys


One day, long ago, you began to call me friend,
We shared our laughter, we shared our days,
We shared our heartbreaks and shared our joys,
Our views of life expanded in many different ways.

I found myself looking forward to your emails,
We shared chats by phone, letters by mail,
We spent time together sharing secrets,
Secrets you knew I would never tell.

I wanted to find ways to make you smile,
We shared a silly joke, a photo or two,
We shared things written from the heart,
The way all good friends tend to do.

Sometimes I speak without thinking,
The words might come out all wrong,
Sometimes I touch a sensitive spot in your heart,
But I've cherished you and your friendship all along.

From the first day that you called me your friend,
I felt that warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside.
As we have aged and changed with the times,
Our friendship remains constant and feels me with pride.

Dianna Doles Petry
June 27, 2005

family (36K)

You Are My Family

We are women, we are one
Each of us with a soul
As warm as the rising sun.

Amid laughter, amid tears
Spirits join together
Sharing joys as well as fears.

We face the day, face the night
Assure one another
Darkness shall turn into light.

As family, as friends true
Hearts climb in unison
Warming grey clouds into blue.

We are women, we are one
Individual souls
Unique as each setting sun.

2003 Ruth Cox


I Know You Care

I know you care about me,
You show me in so many ways.
You let me speak my mind with you,
You let me share my days.

You don't tell me when I'm forgetful,
Like the photos I sent you twice.
If I'm having a day when I'm touchy,
You all try hard to be extra nice.

You don't point out my wrinkles,
Or the gray appearing in my hair.
You hold my hand when I need to cry,
That's how I know you care.

I know you care about me,
You show me in so many ways.
I would be lost without your friendship,
To guide me through cloudy days.

I promise to stand here with you,
To give you the strength you give to me.
Supporting and encouraging each other,
Is how every friendship should be.

Dianna Doles Petry

wwausgirls (11K)

My Thoughts

Sitting here tonight, I thought about my friends,
I thought of the times they have given me advice,
Even when it wasn't easy for them to say,
Risking my hurt or anger by trying to be nice.

I thought about the times when I've spoken,
Sometimes saying what they didn't want to hear,
But they listened to me and didn't shut me out,
Because they knew that I hold their friendship so dear.

Friendship and loyalty fit together, always,
You cannot possibly have one without the other,
So we can share secrets and know they are safe,
We would never purposely hurt each other.

Friends inspire each other to learn new things,
Without asking, they seem to know what to do,
Even when we're wrong or disagree with each other,
The bonds we have shared remain tried and true.

I've been thinking of the friends who come and go,
The ones who move on and leave us behind in their dust,
They are still woven into our past and our tomorrows,
Because for a while, they held our total trust.

When I was growing up, friends were everywhere,
They were to share recesses with and laugh at silly things,
Now, they are to give me a purpose to my life,
To share all of the ups and downs that life can bring.

I would be so lost without your friendship.

Dianna Doles Petry

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For Times

For Times When I Can't Be There
To Give You A Hug
Or To Let You Know I Care
When You're Feeling A Little Bummed

I've Requested That The Hugging Angel
Find It's Way To You
To Do A Special Deed For Me
That I'm Too Far Away To Do

So If You Feel The Flutter
Of An Angel's Wing
Brush You On The Shoulder
Don't Be Alarmed

Just Remember
It's A Special Hug From Me

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verticalad1 (18K)
Very special books
written by a very special author...
...Debra Shiveley Welch,
my very special friend.

Angel of Peace

Dreams of Peace

So many souls with different faces
In one world, but from many places

We are all the same; can't you see
Regardless of heritage; you and me

Look for the person inside, not out
THAT is what this life is all about

A choice between good or bad to make
Each person decides which road to take

Those decisions create our society today
On a self destructing path; sorry to say

Too much evil lurks in this life
Creating heartache and widespread strife

Prejudice and greed out of control
The results of such, take their toll

The wars and crime a direct result
Our land destroyed only to be rebuilt

We all need to change for the world to endure
Love one another, that is the cure

Reach out a helping hand to others
Strangers, friends, acquaintances, brothers

Put aside those petty differences and hate
Find a common ground in which to relate

I dream of a world where peace is the norm
People working together to weather the storm

Here is to the hope that one day it comes true
A land of harmony for me and for you

Nina Stephanie

Angel with Child

Lord Send Us Some Angels

Lord, send us some Angels
To help us through this day.
Send us love and courage.
So we may find our way.

You know our hearts are heavy.
You see the tears we cry.
You hear our prayers unceasing.
You hear us asking why.

Lord just send some Angels
To help us understand.
To help us with our losses.
To accept your holy plan.

Loyce Hartley
May 6, 2005

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Peach Rose for Peaches Image
I have had the privilege of making friends with Peaches,
a wonderful WWAUS Sister who departed from this world on 05/12/05.
Please click on the above rose to visit my dedication page to Peaches.
I am featuring work by my beautiful WWAUS Sisters, with permission.
Peaches is truly loved and missed by each of us.

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"Let there be such oneness between us,
that when one cries,
the others will taste salt"

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Proud Member of WWAUSWWAUS 3rd Anniversary

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